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    To raise support and visibility for AVODAH, the Jewish Service Corps, while becoming an agent for social change over 3,100 miles of biking.


    AVODAH is an organization that provides an opportunity for young people to engage in social justice work while fostering Jewish values. We Corps member live in an intentional Jewish community while engaging in work for social change.

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Small town America hosts traveling bikers

Ask Alli, JP, myself or any other travelers that have ever traveled all day until sundown and sought out a place to sleep before the stars come out and they will tell you how generous, how welcoming, how open the arms are of strangers when you are on a huge journey, spreading an empowering story, far away from home. These are the people we stayed with from DC to Chicago. Each person or family not only let us sleep in their lawn (some invited us insde).

After leaving Cleveland and running into the Sunday bike crew, we continued on until dinner time, stopping before our 60 mile goal at a peach farm. We wanted to buy a bag as advertised on the highway. When we went in to ask for peaches, we saw another window of opportunity and added that we had two additional questions: we asked the obligatory question of every stop: do you have a restroom, and them admired his lovely spanning lawn and inquired if we could spend the night in our tent.
His response: Do you like campfires? Is this a trick question we thought? We didn’t know how to respond and he asked again, do you like campfires? On the road, the obvious response when someone asks if you want something is almost always yes.
Sure, we like campfires.
He led us back through the peach orchard, showing us which peaches were ripe and his magical one move to split a peach perfectly in half.
After the mini tour, he set us up in the cottage he had built for his grandchildren, parallel to the orchard and facing a small lagoon and another expansive agricultural field.


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