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    To raise support and visibility for AVODAH, the Jewish Service Corps, while becoming an agent for social change over 3,100 miles of biking.


    AVODAH is an organization that provides an opportunity for young people to engage in social justice work while fostering Jewish values. We Corps member live in an intentional Jewish community while engaging in work for social change.

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Dead on the side of the road

This is a post both about our experience with a flat tire on a highway and also about road kill. So if either of those topics disinterests you, I would skip to the next post. The first story is about our Alli’s front tire that attracted a nice, sharp paper clip. Nice puncture, slow exhale from the tube, we had to jump off the highway (don’t worry mom, we only ride on highways with wide shoulders!) and fix her tire. A nice man stopped to see if he was okay and sent us a message after we referred him to our blog.

I’m Dave who stopped when you and Alli and JP had a flat outside of Plymouth, Indiana. I hope you finished your ride to Valparaiso without further incident.

I am a Christian and I’m very impressed with what you and your group are doing. I checked out your website. I’ll be following your comments on your ride across the country.

He drove off and we saw him make a U-Turn, he had been going in the other direction on the highway and turned around to check up on us.

Besides the death of our bike tubes, the other common death we see is road kill.
We’ve seen many different birds; a few farm cats, tons of squirrels and raccoons. We saw a cracked turtle, squashed frogs, slimy snakes, rare rabbits.

The other group of animals we have killed many of, some becoming part of our daily protein intake are insects. One of the preventative measures states have taken to prevent the amount of road kill (in certain states they use the road kill estimates to determine the overall deer population), is to put up signs that warn drivers that they might see deer for the next 3.5 miles. How do they know where they will be?

I have to quote Wikipedia on one thing “Although the insect community is equally at risk, much of the attention goes to bigger, more charismatic animals.” Sorry insects. You have been a great addition to our diet of carbs and protein.


One Response

  1. Hi!! How are you? I love reading your stories, and as i said before I admired your strengh.
    It must be an amazing aventure doing this, kind of a chanllenge, to one’s body and spirit, isn’t it?
    well i´ll go on reading your stories and following you through the net.
    Lots of love, monica

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