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    To raise support and visibility for AVODAH, the Jewish Service Corps, while becoming an agent for social change over 3,100 miles of biking.


    AVODAH is an organization that provides an opportunity for young people to engage in social justice work while fostering Jewish values. We Corps member live in an intentional Jewish community while engaging in work for social change.

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Bike maintenence before the Rockies

Peter Sprunger-Frose, the partner of one my dear college professor s, Mary Sprunger-Froese of Nonviolent Studies, came and helped us out with bike tune-ups. You’d think that we would have had multitudes of issues, being on the road now 47 days…but a few flats, a few scrub downs, minor adjustments and we are almost ready to go over the Rockies!!  Peter came over to my friend’s house who we were staying with and was honored to touch our bikes…which had come all the way from DC. His passion is similar to mine in many ways. For almost 20 years, since 1993, Peter has volunteered his time (more than 40 hours a week), to revamping secondhand bikes and distributing them to the homeless, or those that cannot afford a new bike. He and his wife have been living under the line of taxable income and because of his wife’s small salary, he has devoted his time forming relationships with folks who need transportation but are short of funding.

Recently, his client pool has grown and people who once had a car, but no longer can afford to keep them running, are now coming to receive bikes…because they too, are now short of funding. He taught us about the chain and how much wear and tear the teeth should have, exclaiming that he rides his bikes until he needs new parts, through Colorado grime, gravel and snow. When changing your chain, it is important to change the rear cogs (where the chain runs along). It is all about matching, synergy, finding the connection. You wouldn’t realize, he said, that in order to make a secondhand chain run well, it might be worn enough to require older cogs than already on the bike. Sometimes, it is more important to have a match than to have a mixture of the new and old. Thanks Peter for confirming our bikes are ready for the Rockies and thanks Mary for the connection! Read an article about the bike clinic at:



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